In West Virginia, a 1-1/2 year old boy named Ty suffers from Neuroblastoma. Your donations helped his single mother rent a car for the transportation necessary for his surgery.

In Ohio, 4-year old Savanna suffers from Leukemia. With the incredible difficulty of juggling work and treatments, Savanna’s father lost his job while helping to take care of her. Your generosity made sure the electric and waste bills were covered.

Robert is a 15-year old boy suffering from A.L.L. and the youngest of 4. He’s also relapsed 3 times and is currently facing his third bone marrow transplant. His father wanted to take an unpaid leave of absence from work to be with his son, and your kindness helped ease this burden.

Zak is a 14-year old boy that needs extensive treatment including radiation and chemotherapy. His family faces a 440 mile round trip each and every time he comes in for treatment. Zak also requires special foods during this time and even though his family has insurance coverage for all his medical care, it’s the uncovered peripheral costs that caused his family to fall behind in their mortgage. Your generosity made sure the family could cover those costs.

After a lengthy battle, nine-year old Caitlyn recently lost her fight with Lymphomia. The emotional devastation felt by the family was coupled with a financial devastation as the extensive hospital stays and cost of the funeral wiped out the family. When the shut-off notice for the gas bill arrived—and it did arrive—your compassion made sure the family had one less thing to think about.

To date, your donations have helped families throughout Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, and California. We are also currently in contact with hospitals in New York, Maryland, Florida, Minnesota, and Arizona and are continually looking to expand.

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